Tesino Mountain Bike

This small site is dedicated to all fans of MTB and aims to provide a simple guide for those who want to go hiking, or simple rounds in this beautiful valley.

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The Dolomiti Lagorai Bike area covers the a Mountain Bike region with 1000km of off-road trails. These trails are composed of woods, pastures, alpine lakes and two National Parks : Monte Corno National Park (in the western part of the region) and Paneveggio National Park (east). The area is located in Eastern Trentino (northern Italy) and includes three valleys: Fiemme, Fassa and Valsugana.

The trails which have been sign-posted in the area, invite MTB enthusiasts to explore the areas uncontaminated territories which lie above 2000m asl in the heart of the Lagorai chain, comprising of wilderness filled summits and porphyritic rocks, which retain water in numerous mountainous lakes. In addition, the Dolomite peaks of Latemar, Catinaccio and Sella – who in June 2009 were recognized by UNESCO as some of the beautiful mountains in the world and have now been classified as World Heritage.

View the road trails in Tesino area

Tesino Golf Club “La Farfalla”

In Tesino Valley there is a nice golf court with nine interesting and challenging holes, where, form april to October, take place contests every weekend included in the national golf course. For more information visit the golf club.

For more information, visit the company’s website.

Multipurpose Centre

In Pieve Tesino there is the new multipurpose centre, where you can find a well-stocked bar, with a terrace where is possible to enjoy the beautiful Tesino sun, and a fitness centre equipped for five-a-side (football), volley, basket and a practice climbing wall. Between the multifunctional centre and the golf court there is a rich sport area:

2 bocce court
1 tennis court
football field
multi-porpuse field (volley, basket and five-a-side)
children play ground.

Children play grounds

There are a lot of play grounds for children in PIeve Tesino:

Fontanabona (between the golf club and the multi-porpuse centre);
Sabbionello (on the left hand side of the road for Castello Tesino);
Colle di San Sebastiano (on the high up of the village);
Parco fluvial del Grigno (see below);
Drio Castello (near the Casa dei Cacciatori, surpassed the Passo della Forcella);
Pradellano (on the road for the Rifugio Monte Lefre).


Alta via del Granito

The Alta Via del Granito, is a splendid circular route taking in Cima d’Asta, the Cime di Rava and the mountains of the Lagorai.

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The Arboretum of Tesino

A path stretch between woods, flowered meadows, peat bogs, etc. It is the ideal excursion for botanical lovers and for visitors who like to enjoy nature.

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Cascatella Park

The little pleasant park is just a few kilometers from Castello Tesino and is possible to reach it with a short walk along the road for the Passp Brocon. During summer the small hollow is quite crowded and hosted a lot of events. There is a bar open all summer long.

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Grigno river park creek

At Parco Fluviale Grigno is not difficult to relax: while adults can bask in the sun on the grass and pampered by the slow flow of water, the younger ones can run or play around. Several BBQ points available.

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Cima d’Asta

The Cima d’asta is the main summit of the homonymous massive on the northern side of the Tesino Valley, neighboring the Vanoi Valley. It is high 2847 mts. and is composed by granitical rocks.

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Monte Mezza

Rediscover and feel the nature, get excited and break away the frenetic all day life walking on the Tesino Valley mountain…

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Altopiano of Celado

The Celado area is part of the Tesino territory and is reachable from Castello Tesino throughout the S.P of Celado. The landscape is pleasant, green, grassland and woods for all.

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Trodo dei Fiori

The Trodo dei Fiori is a touristic path very famous for its beauties. Regarding a panoramic-botanical excursion that start from the Passo Brocon (1616) and, following frist world war mule trails  reach the Col del Boia, at 2050mts. Than return back to Passo Brocon.

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The caves

Explored for the first time in 1927, is actually the only cave in Trentino Region. The guided tour ends aften 500 mts by the final siphon from which flow a thunderous creek that vanish after some metres under the rocks. Departure/arrival point: Prati Magri

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Celado Astronomical Observatory

The Observatory activities is for Students from the Tesino, Valsugana schools, and also from the neighboring regions. Moreover is interenting for the Tesino Population and for the turits that visit the Tesino Valley and the Valsugana during summer and winter. The observatory is open also experts, who want to make some astronomic research. The main telescope is a Newton reflector, with a main mirror of 800 mm for diameter and 3200 mm of focal. During the day is possible to observe the sun, the moon, Mercury and Venus; During the night is possible to see the most spectacular celestial body (moon and planets, open star cluster and globular cluster, planetary nebulas and galaxies). For Info: website

Archeological area

To visit the archeological area you have to go up toward Sant’Ippolito Church. In this area is possible to find the ruins of a Roman village of the period from  III century B.C. to the II sec. A.D. At the end of the Seventies there was an archeological campaign where were discovered the two rooms that we can see today, not connect each other and with a surface of 40 sqm. Probably the walls were built with dry stones covered with wood and vegetable fibres. Of the left room you can see a little ladder, totally excavated in the rock. In both rooms were are wells, used to store food supplies.

Church of Sant’Ippolito e Cassiano

The little church, that overlook Castello Tesino, was built in 1436. It is in romanic style with some gothic characteristic and it is one of the few example of the medieval architecture in this area. With a rectangular plan, it has a little bell towerwith an octagonal spire. Interesting are the apse windows that have double splay splits. Inside there are important Fresco paintings from V century, made by Baschenis brother from Bergamo, with Bizatin and romanic influences. These works were discovered during 1930 and restored at the beginning of the ’70. They represent the Saints, Saint Martin, Saint Rocco, Saint Cristoforo, Saint james and more. The ceiling is made by wood, and is from 1700 a.d.

Trodo delle malghe

A path across woods and meadows, walking on the pasture lands of the alpine huts of Arpaco, Vallarica, Vallorsella. It is an excursion for nature and panorama lovers.

Val Tolvà

The itinerary in Tolvà Valley, is one of the more interesting for the trekking point of view. Arrived by car since the “Bomba” location (1200 mt), start a one hour walk for the Malga Tolvà (1561 mt). The main path (n. 338) continue for one of the two lateral Cima D’asta pass, Forcella Regana, that it could be reach in two hours with an easy trekking. On the pass you can find thegravestone of the Battaglione Val Cismon (2043 mt) and on the right there is the  peak of Col della Croce.

Monte Lefre

The Lefre mountain, part of the Rava Mountains Group, is 1305 high and is nice to visit for several reasons. First of all it is easy to reach by car. At the end of the road there is the Monte Lefre shelter.  From the parking is possible to continue in the wood and then reach tunnels  used during the first world war, totally excavated in the rocks, and the belvedere on the Valsugana, the only one easily accessible in the area.

Monte Coppolo

The Coppolo Mount has a large summit accessibile from the Passo Brocon towards the Arpaco Alpine Hut. From here is possible to continue of a large and comfortable path, across pasture lands and during summer is not difficult to walk near cow herds. From the peak is possible to view a 360° panorama. With exceptional weather is possible to see the sea!

Costabrunella lake

The Costabrunella lake and its dam is above the Malga Sorgazza. It is between the craggy walls of Cima Segura and Cima Quarazza, and has glacial origin. It is reachable from the path n. 328 that start from Malga Sorgazza (1450 mt) with a two hours walk. For who, well trained, wants to go on there are two interesting trekkings, one that  continue towards Forcella Quarazza and Cima Trento, and another towards Forcella Segura.


Museum-House of Alcide De Gasperi

The house where Alcide De Gasperi was born at Pieve Tesino in the province of Trento, was hosted to a museum dedicated to him. The rooms of this small nineteenth century building will offer the fascinating setting for a journey to discover the origins of one of the forefathers of republican Italy and united Europe.
The experience proposed by the museum, which will be open to the public as soon as restoration work on it is finished, is a journey which starts from the deep-rooted ties that De Gasperi had with his birth-place – and which continued throughout his life – and will take the visitor through the most important aspects of the political and personal life of the Trentine politician.

Info:  0461/594382 (during the opening hours); 331/4745389 –

visit the website

Tesino Ambulantato documentation center

Exhibition of life story of the stallholders from the tesino Valley in the world. A dive into the past to recall the long journeys that our valley dwellers to commerce prints and seeds.

Info:  Public Library of Pieve Tesino, tel 0461/594162


Documentation center of woods workings

A Castello Tesino within the picturesque Palazzo Gallo, an ancient building of the seventeenth century, is home to the Center of experience in Lower Valsugana and Tesino. The center specializes on issues of the fauna and flora of the alpine world, with wood and all activities related to the forest.

In the halls of the Palace you can visit: the permanent exhibition on forest exploitation (a journey back in time on techniques and equipment needed to harvest timber), the exhibition on the territory of Tesino (relative to its fascinating history and its unique natural heritage) ; thirty show on the flora in danger of extinction.

Info:  public Library of Castello Tesino

tel 0461/593232

Free admission

Center of the Flora and Fauna

The Center of Flora and Fauna is located in the area called “LE Parti” within Castello Tesino, close to the sports center, an area surrounded by nature and greenery that connects the village with two comfortable walks.
Inside, the center offers the reconstruction of all alpine environments, giving space and visibility in most species of animals and flowers that characterize the mountain environment. For each habitat has been associated with a timely and detailed description, in order to make your visit a cultural moment and informative, not just recreation.
In addition to alpine animals are also sections on the fish that inhabit the waters of the mountain, a section devoted entirely to reptiles, a rich collection of minerals and cases devoted to insects and butterflies. Do not miss then the reconstruction of the cave of Ursus Spelaeus, with details that make this space really impressive.
In addition to the Museum is also open to the adjoining park outside of special landscape value, where there are many trees that characterize the mountains of Trentino, different species of flowers and shrubs and colorful flower beds. The park is visited by a comfortable walk, which also offers relaxation areas with benches and tables. Noteworthy is also the natural amphitheater recreated inside the park, which in summer hosts music events and entertainment for the little ones.


Museum Moleta – The grinder

The “Museum of moleta” in Cinte Tesino is a permanent exhibition that traces the history of one of the trades practiced in the past by the inhabitants of Cinte Tesino, the “moleta”, ie one who sharpened tools with a grinder.
The valley of the Tesino has always stood as a land of travelers. In particular Cinte Tesino departed from many vendors “moleta” roamed the streets of central North offering their services grinders with their “wagon wheels”, especially in Tuscany, but also in Lazio, Campania and even in Sardinia.

Info: Via S. Pietro 4, at the Casa dei Cintesi, CINTE TESINO

Winter hours: by appointment, tel. Mrs. Groff 320 8423151

Via S. Pietro 4, presso la Casa dei Cintesi, CINTE TESINO

su prenotazione, tel. Signora Groff 320 8423151

Museum “Per Via” Prints and Itinerant Merchants

The birthplace of Alcide De Gasperi, in the center of Pieve Tesino, has been transformed into a museum dedicated to him. The rooms of this small nineteenth-century building offers visitors a picturesque setting for a journey to discover the origins of one of the fathers of the Italian Republic and united Europe.
The experience given by the Museo Casa De Gasperi, opened August 18, 2006, is a path from the deep bond of De Gasperi with his homeland – a recurring motif in his entire life – takes the visitor to investigate the most important aspects of personal history and politics of the statesman Trentino.

This structure houses the Museum “BPer Via” on Prints and Itinerant Merchants of the Tesini people.

Info:  0461/594726 e