the sport in all its forms

Sportsmen who choose Valsugana as a destination of their vacation will not be spoiled for choice: numerous and modern facilities are able to meet the most demanding sports applications. The Valsugana constitutes a happy marriage between the environment and sport. The favorable climatic conditions, the presence of lakes surrounded by greenery and surrounded by mountains rich with forests and meadows provide the perfect setting to relax, regenerate and regain contact with yourself and nature.

Here are the paths in the vicinity of the Tesino valley

243 Giro Cima d’Asta

Lenght: 87,3 km
Altitude difference: 2966 Hm
Start: Strigno, circle route

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245 Tesino Bike Trophy

Lenght: 22,6 km
Altitude difference: 832 Hm
Start: Pieve Tesino, circle route

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247 Val Campelle Tour

Lenght: 23,2 km
Altitude difference: 1033 Hm
Start: Cenon zone, circle route

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253 Monte Agaro Tour

Lenght: 31,8 km
Altitude difference: 1149 Hm
Start: Castello Tesino, circle route

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